Ninja Vs Samurai (Part 1) - James Harden

Ninja Vs Samurai (Part 1)

By James Harden

  • Release Date: 2014-03-05
  • Genre: Épopée


It has been twenty long years since the Dark Shogun’s victory at the Great War. After the war, everyone expected peace. Everyone wanted peace.
But in the twenty years since the war there has been only fear and uncertainty and oppression.

The Shogun, with the approval of Emperor Yozei, has outlawed the Samurai class and the public display of swords.
He has outlawed the use of Ninja and the practice of Ninjutsu.
He has outlawed the Kensei order, the legendary Sword Saints of Japan.

After the Kensei surrendered, he began systematically dismantling the great Samurai clans.
The Shogun's army would be the only military force.

The Ninja clans retreated to their secret mountain villages.
The great Samurai clans chose to fight.
They were crushed.
The Shogun's army is too massive. Too ruthless.

The Dark Shogun now rules the country with absolute power.
Some say he is invincible. Some say he is a God.

Only a handful of Samurai clans remain. Only a handful of Kensei warriors remain.

But not for long…